Classic Thanksgiving Side: Green Bean Casserole

There are a few staples at every Thanksgiving meal, and of course that changes in every family, but one classic dish around America is green bean casserole. The great thing about the dish is its simplicity. It only requires a little mixing, some baking, and it can easily be made a day before. We wanted … Continue reading “Classic Thanksgiving Side: Green Bean Casserole”

Getting Perfect Thanksgiving Dressing That Tastes Like Stuffing

The difference between dressing and stuffing is a fiercely debated one in many food circles. Some prefer dressing because of the crunchier exterior and the lowered chances of food poisoning. Others prefer stuffing because it has the more moist texture and it’s packed with that great turkey flavor. What if we could get the best … Continue reading “Getting Perfect Thanksgiving Dressing That Tastes Like Stuffing”

Classic Starter: Garlic Knots Recipe

When I’m out at Italian restaurants, one thing I love is getting a big order of garlic knots. For an Italian themed dinner at home, though, I wanted to be able to make my own, especially for sharing with guests. After a little experimenting, I found a recipe I absolutely love! It’s wonderfully simple.┬áThere are … Continue reading “Classic Starter: Garlic Knots Recipe”

Finding the Perfect French Fries

When it comes to food, sometimes the simplest foods are the hardest to master, that’s why we went looking for the perfect french fry. It needed to have a perfectly crisp exterior, a fluffy interior. Most of all, the strong potato flavor should be retained. The best fry won’t be soggy and pasty by the … Continue reading “Finding the Perfect French Fries”

Festive Fall Starter: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

If you want to make a true Fall soup, put away that canned pumpkin puree and get your hands on the real thing. I had the hankering recently for a true pumpkin soup, and that meant starting at the beginning with real ingredients. For this recipe, we started off with a sugar pumpkin, though squash … Continue reading “Festive Fall Starter: Roasted Pumpkin Soup”