Rustic Yet Refined: Mini Shepherd’s Pies Recipe

A classic, rustic dish we love is shepherd’s pie. It’s hearty, meaty casserole filled with beef and veggies on the bottom, and it’s topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. Also known as cottage pie, this dish was originally best known for being an affordable meal for the poor. It was made with cheap, readily … Continue reading “Rustic Yet Refined: Mini Shepherd’s Pies Recipe”

Good Ol’ Aunt Lisa’s Meatloaf

While this recipe comes off more as a crossover between a shepherd’s pie and pot pie, my aunt always called this a meatloaf, therefore in my household this dish was dubbed Lisa’s Meatloaf after my aunt. It’s a simple and quick recipe that is bound to please everyone, including your picky eaters. Every time my … Continue reading “Good Ol’ Aunt Lisa’s Meatloaf”