Japanese Starter: Shrimp Tempura Recipe

Contrary to what many believe, tempura isn’t a style of cooking that originated in Japan. In fact, it made its way over to the country through the Portugese Jesuit missionaries who arrived during the sixteenth century. since then, of course, tempura has grown and evolved to form its own decidedly Japanese dish. I wanted to … Continue reading “Japanese Starter: Shrimp Tempura Recipe”

Ethnic Dessert: Sweet Mochi Daifuku Recipe

Mochi is a popular and interesting dessert/snack right from the land of the rising sun: Japan! Mochi a traditional rice cake dessert that’s especially popular for the Japanese new year, though it is eaten year round. It’s make out of a paste made from rice flour and filled with many interesting sweet confections like jam … Continue reading “Ethnic Dessert: Sweet Mochi Daifuku Recipe”