Authentic, Simple Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

For a rich pasta without a red sauce, look no further than a great pasta carbonara. Many American recipes, however, are so heavy and far too rich. We wanted to do away with the heavy, far-too-filling meal and look for something lighter. Like many things in life, the answer became apparent when we went back … Continue reading “Authentic, Simple Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe”

Sweet Spanish Flan

What many of us know as “flan” is actually officially called crème caramel, yet I can’t help but call it as I have always known it. While crème caramel is French, the custard-like dessert with a caramel topping most Americans know comes from Spanish-speaking countries. There are so many variations on the recipe, but today … Continue reading “Sweet Spanish Flan”

Perfect, Foolproof Crepes Recipe

To the uninitiated, crepes can seem intimidating, and perhaps even scare some potential cooks away. They need to be perfectly thin, just slightly sweet, and maintain their shape well enough to fold around whatever you decide to fill them with. They are the perfect way to carry some nut butter or fruit jam. Fortunately, I … Continue reading “Perfect, Foolproof Crepes Recipe”

Beer Cupcakes Recipe: Cupcakes are Just Better with Beer

My friend and I were recently in the mood to experiment and started looking up ways to bake with beer. We discovered two particular cupcake recipes dealing with beers and decided that since they were fall beers, we might as well attempt the recipes. While the combination of beer and cupcakes didn’t automatically make me … Continue reading “Beer Cupcakes Recipe: Cupcakes are Just Better with Beer”