Classic Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Risotto is such a fantastic dish. It’s flexible enough to be served either as an appetizer or as a main course. It’s complex, rich, and very easy to change the flavor to suit your mood. Today we wanted to share a recipe for a classic Mushroom risotto. One issue with a mushroom risotto is that … Continue reading “Classic Mushroom Risotto Recipe”

Vietnamese Soup: Simple Pho Recipe

Pho is a Vietnamese dish gaining popularity here in the United States. It’s a rich, complex soup that’s a little sweet with just that slight amount of heat. It can be made with a variety of meats, but my favorite is a good beef pho. To make a perfectly complex broth, we used fish sauce, … Continue reading “Vietnamese Soup: Simple Pho Recipe”

Rustic Yet Refined: Mini Shepherd’s Pies Recipe

A classic, rustic dish we love is shepherd’s pie. It’s hearty, meaty casserole filled with beef and veggies on the bottom, and it’s topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. Also known as cottage pie, this dish was originally best known for being an affordable meal for the poor. It was made with cheap, readily … Continue reading “Rustic Yet Refined: Mini Shepherd’s Pies Recipe”

Hearty Italian Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

Move aside, pasta: Italian cuisine has so much more to offer! Chicken cacciatore, also known as hunter style chicken is a hearty meal perfect for chilly Fall evenings. This recipe is full of delicious proteins and is served with a white wine and tomato sauce that will heave your mouth watering and your family asking … Continue reading “Hearty Italian Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore Recipe”

Authentic Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Goulash, also known as gulyas, is a hearty, Hungarian meat stew commonly seasoned with paprika among other spices. It’s quite the popular dish in central Europe. Its bold, hearty flavor makes this dish perfect for the colder months, and it’s a fall and winter staple in my home. Some enjoy serving it with egg noodles, … Continue reading “Authentic Hungarian Goulash Recipe”