Authentic, Simple Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

For a rich pasta without a red sauce, look no further than a great pasta carbonara. Many American recipes, however, are so heavy and far too rich. We wanted to do away with the heavy, far-too-filling meal and look for something lighter. Like many things in life, the answer became apparent when we went back … Continue reading “Authentic, Simple Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe”

Seasonal Pasta Recipe: Pumpkin Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce

It’s October, and therefore time to consume as much pumpkin as possible! Put down that pumpkin spice latte, however, and enjoy something made with the real deal! Today I wanted to share a quick recipe for a pumpkin pasta I’ve come to love: pumpkin gnocchi. I mean it when I say “quick”, too. From prep … Continue reading “Seasonal Pasta Recipe: Pumpkin Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce”