Comfort Snack For Fall: Perfect Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Fall is one of those magical times of the year when the leaves turn, the wind starts to pick up, and there’s that pleasant chill in the air. I know after a long day of raking outside, I love to come in for a warm, hearty snack. A particular favorite of mine during the Fall … Continue reading “Comfort Snack For Fall: Perfect Pumpkin Bread Recipe”

Fra Diavolo Sauce with Pasta Recipe

I was looking for something great for a date night coming up: a dish I could make that was simple, yet packed full of flavor. Pasta in a red sauce was a natural choice, but I wanted to look past the standard spaghetti and meatballs. I then found the perfect dish: pasta served with fra … Continue reading “Fra Diavolo Sauce with Pasta Recipe”