Chefs to Watch Welcomes Lyle Broussard

Words: Caitlin Watzke Photos: Randy Schmidt Lyle Broussard grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and was surrounded by cooking from a young age. Lyle regularly visited his grandparent’s restaurant, gathering with family for boucheries, and picking okra from his grandfather’s garden after church. Unsurprisingly, cooking came naturally to Lyle. After a few semesters of college, … Continue reading “Chefs to Watch Welcomes Lyle Broussard”

Red Dot Shrimp by Ryan Andre

Words: Ryan Andre Photos: Randy Schmidt Hot sauce is Louisiana’s condiment. From eggs at breakfast to po’ boys at lunch to gumbo at dinner, it’s hot sauce all day. Many people are loyal to just one brand of hot sauce, with Tabasco loyalists side-eyeing the Crystal fans while Louisiana Hot Sauce partisans throw shade at … Continue reading “Red Dot Shrimp by Ryan Andre”

Turtle Soup for Throwback Thursday

This throwback Thursday it’s time to talk turtle. In particular, turtle soup. Chef to Watch Nathan Gresham (CTW – ’11) works the traditional and the playful side of Louisiana cuisine at Beausoleil Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His recipe for turtle soup sticks mainly to tradition, with fresh turtle meat, a good dark roux, healthy … Continue reading “Turtle Soup for Throwback Thursday”

Ginger Pork Belly by Ryan Andre

Words: Ryan Andre´ Photos: Randy Schmidt Pork belly can be found on restaurant menus across the South, but often restaurants don’t do it well. Sometimes, you get overcooked pork belly that’s too hard and crunchy. Other times, the pork belly is served under-cooked, still fatty and chewy, the natural fats un-rendered because of poor technique. … Continue reading “Ginger Pork Belly by Ryan Andre”